Let’s get started….

Individual Nutrition Therapy and Wellness – Meet with me at my office located in Coral Gables, FL. for private, individual sessions

Online Wellness or Recovery Coaching – Let’s connect online for private coaching sessions

Loved One’s Eating Disorder Support – Meet with me to inform yourself about eating disorders and the best way to support your loved ones through the recovery process. (Offered in person or online)

Eating Disorder Support Groups – Join me and psychotherapist, Jennifer Pankow-Martinez, LMHC along with other women on their recovery journey for a 12-week support group.

Summer College Self-Care Empowerment Course – Join me and psychotherapist, Jennifer Pankow-Martinez, LMHC as we prepare college bound young women with physical and emotional self-care tools to assist them to make a positive and healthy transition to college.

Please contact me so we can discuss your individual needs and I can answer any questions you may have regarding my services.